Los Angeles
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L.A., short for El Pueblo's Nuestra Señora Reina de los Ángeles de Porciúncula (Spanish for “The Village of Our Lady Queen of Angels of the small Franciscan Chapel of Porciuncula) is no longer a small village.

Don’t be fooled by its anarchical suburban look or its sprawling highways. The City of Angels has fascinated imaginations since the early days of Hollywood and the Golden Age of American film. The astounding diversity of its neighborhoods and of its surrounding villages -Santa Monica, Malibu, Venice - make the city a world apart, offering architectural and cultural richness, chic and popular beaches, ultra-modern museums, and colorful street art.  At the heart of the world’s largest entertainment industry, Los Angeles breathes audacity and originality into any project.

And in the neighborhood...

+ Take a boat or helicopter to paradise---Catalina Island; hop on a truck to follow wild buffalos before taking a dip in turquoise waters
+ Explore Newport and Laguna Beach with their posh resorts, colorful art galleries and fanciful restaurants, before taking a boat cruise on the Pacific
+ See Pasadena, the former, sun-drenched holiday vacation getaway of the haute bourgeoisie, and immerse yourself in the aristocratic je ne sais quoi of its quaint houses and museums
+ Meander between lakes and forests along The Rim of the World Drive. Stop at small resorts along the way, such as Lake Arrowhead, where fly-fishing and kayaking alternate according to the season
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